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Why Us

The wine market today

The world wine market is estimated at $ 288 billion and is expected to reach 402 billion dollars by 2023. There are over 1 million small and large winemakers around the world.

The Bulgarian wine market is developing on the basis of increased urbanization, increased income and outflows from consumption of high alcoholic beverages. Consumption of bottled wine grows steadily with tangible 6% per year at the expense of all other alcoholic categories.

In today's changing conditions and constant access to new information, individuality, quality and creativity are key to the success of each product.

How we do it?

Global Wines offers Bulgarian traders an easy and efficient solution for their business, which gives the incredible privilege of having the best and most competitive products in the world offered under their own brands under flexible trading conditions.

Given this advantage, our partners have the unique opportunity to offer their customers attractive products with proven quality that will lead to increased interest and maximizing profitability.

How to achieve this?

Global Wines offers you a comprehensive service that covers the whole process of creating a product in accordance with your own ideas and preferences.

We provide you with a rich portfolio with ready-made high-quality wines from all of the world's leading wineries.

The organization goes through three easy steps:

  1. Choice of products from our portfolio
  2. Choice of free designs from our catalogue
  3. Forming the initial application

The high level of our pre-preparation allows you the flexibility and speed to manage your own portfolio.

Our team of talented designers will help you to create an impressive vision that complements the overall and unique vision of your finished product.

Create with us your new successful product and immerse yourself in the world of world-class quality production that will give rise to an innovative and successful entrepreneurship!

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