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Increasing wine sales - why "Point-Of-Sale Marketing" matters

There is a saying that goes:

„If we can't see you, you don't exist.“

The question is - how to get noticed?

Creating a "POS Marketing Mix"

One of the best and most affordable forms to promote your products and brands at the points of sale are: second exposure points, brochures, permanent signs, banners, coupons, tastings. Using these affordable marketing tools can help to distinguish your products among the other drinks on the shlef.

How to do this?

Global Wines have developed special tools for your POS marketing mix:

Second exposure point:

1. Pre-assembled 4-level rack of wooden boards with dimensions 60/40/170 cm

2. Branded palette crate with dimentions 80/60 cm

3. Neck bottle signs

4. Magnetic display stands

Global Wines offers support in developing your design as well as manufacturing and supplying the most important POS marketing materials.


„The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary." - Peter Drucker

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